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06 February 2010 @ 12:26 am
Hi all!

Believe me, Blood on the Saddle is not falling by the wayside. In fact, I've got all but one of the four remaining parts finished. It's just that...omg, so lame, but my immediate family found this journal and kind of skewered my writing.

Like, "What is this nonsense about Star Trek and cowboys and rough-sex-nom-nom-nom? Why don't you do any *real* writing? Like a novel? Do that instead of this crap. Oh never mind, you'll never listen to this advice and keep doing worthless stuff like this forever" Now, God bless them, the Mother and the Brother are not, perhaps, the most Rah-Rah cheerleading types when it comes to my fic, but that seemed pretty harsh to me.

So I'm trying to push through that and the lingering F!S doubt in the back of my head. And I know it's not cool and none of the cool kids care, but I do: I care desperately about what other people, especially my family, think of me. After thatlittle exchange, any time I pick up a pen, that's all I hear in the back of my head.

Now, this isn't a cry for Moar Comments or anything, this is just me, sharing my neuroses with y'all. As writers (because bloggers are writers, no matter what the Mother says), I imagine you've all had your brushes with insecurity and fear. Hell, it's where we live as creative types. Any advice for shushing mental naysayers?

TL;dr = expect a real update as soon as I quell the haters in my head! So...relatively soon!
Guys, I didn't mean to write anymore of this pairing. I thought seven months away from the STXI Kink Meme had cured me. And then I was browsing mccoy_chapel and I found this . Guys, it's Wild West AU and I have five titles from five songs about cowboys and apparently, I don't need sleep so much as I need to write more McCoy/Chapel.

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14 December 2009 @ 12:02 am
Seven months. Oh my gosh, guys. Seven months. Seven frakking months without a post. Wow.

I tried, guys. After I finished Rough-and-Tumble, I graduated from college and decided it was time to get off the web, get a respectable job, an apartment of my own, and a boyfriend, possibly even one who'd played organized sports at some point in his life. Yeah, ask me how well that went. I stayed off the Net for a while, anyway, trying to figure out just what it was I was supposed to be doing with my life. I sent out applications for jobs and internships, moved in with my mother on a temporary basis, and went to therapy at Riduclous Dollars a session. Then I proceded to get bitch-slapped but good by the Current Economic Climate.

Long story short, I'm still living at home, working temp retail gigs at the local mall, applying to grad school (which still grinds my gears), and as I mentioned at my other collaborative blogging project Generation Fail , the only other warm body sharing my bed is my cat, Cleo.

And here am I, on the raggedly edge, slinking back to my computer, tail set firmly between my legs.

Heeey buuddddiiess. Suuup?

I know, I know, I know, I'm a terrible person who doesn't return emails or phone calls (just ask my ex-boyfriends) and I'm sure you all have better things to do than chat with me, but maybe if I offered some fic as a peace offering? Maybe y'all wouldn't hate me? Please?

This is the pairing that dragged me back into writing after a six month dry spell and my general inability to write in my mother's house. What got me back onto the the web was Fandom Secrets. And what caught my attention was a secret about something called "The Guild." And WIL WHEATON's role on said web series. Now WIL WHEATON and I go way, way back to my childhood and my personal feelings about a certain Star Trek Ensign. So I watched. And I shipped. And I wrote.

Halfpenny's back, kids. And she comes bearing fic. X-posted to codexfawkes . Support vaguely obscure ships!

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01 July 2009 @ 01:26 am

You know what? All y'all are TOTALLY RIGHT. Cretins get no credence here at Halfpenny Press. Why? Because it's not about the geographic borders of a region in the US, is it? No. It's about the sexy. And THIS GUY?

This guy right here? Is sexy. Full stop. I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi, Vulcan, into goats, whatever. Everyone on the planet would tap that. For serious. So let's all take a step back and bask in the glory that is a pantsed Karl Urban, 'cause DAMN. Boy looks fine.

You are all so nice, like genuinely nice people. Apparently it's super easy to be flippant and kinda icky on the Internet, but y'all are not. And frankly, niceness doesn't get rewarded often enough.

So I'm going to.

I was toying with the idea, but this whole business has settled it. I'm writing you people a novel. That's right, a Novel. 80, 000 words, bbs. All for you, because You're Worth It.

Now we've got a couple options, obviously. My first impulse was to combine McCoy and Chapel with a plot I've been toying with for a little while. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, it would deal with a woman from a pharmaceutical company investigating a major dip in profits in the French Quarter and getting drawn into a sultry web of black-market medical trading and a leather jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding disgraced doctor bad boy who may be more than she bargained for. Or exactly what she needs. This whole idea is due in no small part of the ever delightful vega_ofthe_lyre  who wrote something PERFECT at the kink meme and infected my mind with McCoy!as!Gambit and Chapel!as!Rogue. I'm sure there are other options, but that's the only one I've got right now.

So..whaddya think? You wanna get dragged down into the swirling vortex that is my original fiction (aka thinly veiled fanfic)? 

Okay, I simply cannot believe this is happening, but there's been some issues about the fact that I chose to make McCoy from Kentucky as opposed to Georgia over at Fandom Secrets. I'm not super active in any one fandom. Hell, I just wrote this series on a whim, but apparently it's inspired not only fans, but haters as well.

Apparently, Georgia, and not Kentucky like I wrote, is McCoy's home state, though it's more properly the "Old South." The whole reason I started writing for the kink meme is because it seemed so welcoming and wank-free. But dudes, if this is what goes on in the nuTrek fandom? Then holy cow, guys, I feel pretty safe in saying that the Rough-and-Tumble series is complete. If y'all are here to follow for more Trek fic, then I can't promise you anything. Yes, I have a McCoy/Chapel in the works, but I don't have a timeline on that business. So if you unfriend or unfollow, I totally understand and I'll see you on the other side, brothers.

I'll start uploading my other writings in other fandoms, and then let people hate on me for shipping Kara/Leoben in BSG or Zero/Azkadelia in Tin Man.

How amazing, on a scale of one to AWESOME, are my friends, you ask? They go past AWESOME, all the way up to Eleven. anneedelalune  made a fanmix for the Rough-and-Tumble series. It's called "A Cure For What Ails" and it is amazing on levels of amazing that science is only now beginning to discover exist. The community it's in is called labgirls , and is a forum for anneedelalune and myself to post our atrocious, screwball procedural-crime fanfic. It's bonkers and silly, but enough about that, let's get back to the FANMIX OMG! Just look at this original, GQ MotherFucking cover art...

Look at that. No, Look. At. It. And she used "URA Fever" by the Kills, quite possibly the sexiest sexytimes song in all of history! But did she just make this for me? Perish the thought! She is the picture of philanthropy and wishes for all people to partake of the glory that is A Cure For What Ails (and on another note, just how freaking hot is that title? Answer: SO FREAKING HOT!).

I wholly and utterly endorse this fanmix and highly suggest that reading the Rough-and-Tumble series while listening to the aforementioned mix will cause you to win the lottery. Or the Internet. Or Karl Urban's phone number in a series of happy accidents*. Go forth and listen, friends and lurkers alike! Listen and DANCE! 

*your results may vary. Halfpenny Press in no way condones or encourages the stalking of Mr. Urban. Unless, you know, you get his number. Then Halfpenny Press both condones and endorses sharing with the class.  
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12 June 2009 @ 06:21 pm

Okay, the backstory on this little ditty is possibly_thrice  recc'd the Rough-and-Tumble series on the Kink Meme discussion thread without my knowledge. So when I went looking for hot fics to read and clicked on her link, it took me to my series. I wanted to die of flattery and squealy, flaily joy. I then proceeded to lose my cool all over her and promised her anything, ANYTHING she wanted written. She graciously requested Pike/Number One "shenanigans," and I quote. I can only hope this is shenanigan-y enough for you, m'dear!

See? This is what happens when you give me an inch on the Internet. I forcibly make you prompt me and then shove my ficiton under your nose and be all, "READ THIS AND DESPAIR!" I'm a horrible person, but there are worse things I could be doing with my free time.

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09 June 2009 @ 12:32 am

Hi all! This is the fiction journal of half_penny_drop , formerly la_belle_dame  . Welcome aboard! I'll be posting my mad scribblings here. Please feel free to comment with con-crit, questions, requests, and assorted fannish glee. I try to answer every comment left on my journal. If you're nice enough to say something, I should be nice enough to say something back. Also, I'm a chatterbox.

So...here we go.